"Site"- website:

"Managing company"- website – of the managing company, LLC ""

"User"- physical person or legal entity which uses the website services, adds the advertisement or searches the required product/service.

"Advertisement"- Information placed on the website about the product or service.

1.1 The managing company is not a participant of any deal, nor buyer or seller. The site is a mediator who helps to connect the buyer and seller to each other.

1.2 The managing company places the advertisements in corresponding department of the site in order to help the customer easily locate the product or service.

1.3 Neither of the product/service belongs to the managing company and has no additional information about their conditions.

1.4 The quality, safety, legal condition of the product/service indicated in the advertisement is not controlled by the managing company.

1.5 The information adds on the web site serves for the realization of website customers products and/or services and establishment of communication with website’s other customers.

1.6 Any physical person or legal entity will add information under his/her own willingness in respect of their interests.

1.7 During the placement of the information on the website the customer agrees that the information shall be open and any other customer will be able to see it.

1.8 The user takes all responsibilities regard the spread of the information placed on site.

1.9 The information placed on the website has no legal force; the user is obliged, before any deal, to verify the correctness of the information.

2.1 The user has no right to add the information and the context that violates Georgian legislation.

2.2 In order to add the advertisement on the website the user must first agree the website usage rules indicated by the

2.3 Any person aged over 18 may add an advertisement on the website.

2.4 The customer is obliged to add the information about the product/service and agreement terms and conditions correctly. In the meantime, advertisement photos should reflect only the content of product or service to be sold. It’s forbidden to upload photos other than reflecting the content of product or service to be sold (among them, uploaded file must not be corporate logo, photo of other thing, containing information on author’s webpage, phone number, product price, offered service or other irrelevant information).

2.5 By placing the advertisement the user proves that he/she has the right to sell or provide the product or service indicated in the advertisement.

2.6 On the website user can have maximum 10 free advertisements. The same principles for the advertisement limit can be used in case of users group. Purchasing the limit, all the existed advertisements automatically shall be renewed and extended in amount of the indicated days.

2.7 The user can add the advertisement regard the product (new/used) or service. This product or service must fall to one of the categories that exist on the (notice: advertisement about the service must be added at the service department and advertisement about the product must be added at the service department).

2.8 The placed advertisement on website:

2.8.1 Must not be wrong, incorrect and users should not be led into error;

2.8.2 Must not serve the fraud, deception, or the abuse of a trust.

2.8.3 Must not contain information about the stolen or false product or service.

2.8.4 Must not be the corporeal or intangible property of the third parties. Must not breach the rights of the third person.

2.8.5 Must not contain the information which violates the dignity or the business reputation of the third person.

2.8.6 Must not contain discrimination of the religion ethnic or other minorities.

2.8.7 Must not contain threats to any third person.

2.8.8 Must not contain calls for the criminal actions.

2.8.9 Must not support or provoke any kind of terrorist or extremist activities.

2.8.10 Must not contain the pornographic content.

2.8.11 Must not contain the information about different property, item or service then the object of advertisement.

2.8.12 Must not violate the Georgian legislation.

2.8.13 Must not be about selling the wild animals (including: mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and all kinds of wild animals, which are temporarily or permanently residing in the territory of Georgia, in territorial waters, continental shelf and special economic zone and are in the naturally freedom condition). According to the Administrative Offence Code 85 (3) and 85 (4) it's prohibited to take the wild animals off the nature or to catch them, or to trade with its derivatives. The violation of the mentioned code will cause the penalty of 1 000 Gel and confiscation of the animal or its derivative!

2.9 The user cannot make decision about the validity of the deal, based on the fact that, product or service is placed on the website.

3.1 The managing company is not a part of any deal and is not responsible for the activities of the user. All the deals are made directly between user and customer.

3.2 The managing company is not responsible for the correctness of the information placed on the website.

3.4 The managing company cannot be the guarantee that the data indicated by the applicant corresponds the real data of the product.

3.5 The managing company has the right to delete any advertisement violating the site rules and block the account of the corresponding user. According to the content of the advertisement time period shall be from one week till the permanent block.

3.6 In case the violation of website rules more than two times the managing company has right to block the users tell number and IP address.

3.7 The managing company has right to provide the different type of advertisement of the placed product or service.

3.8 The managing company has right to terminate the placement of the advertisement any time.

3.9 The managing company is not responsible for the lost or damage of the advertisement placed on the website also is not responsible for the loss of the notice addressed to the user.

3.10 The managing company cannot be a guarantee for the continuous working of the website.

3.11 Registering multiple users by the same person for the purpose to add advertisements in big quantities the managing company has right to block the user’s IP address.

3.12 In case of violation of agreement terms managing company has the right to block the user’s IP address.

3.13 The managing company has the right to change the agreement without the prior special notice. The change of the agreement shall be indicated in the department of the “website usage rules “.

4.1 The user has not right to transfer his/her user name and password to the third person.

4.2 In case of any doubt that the personal data is leaked the user is obliged to change them immediately.

4.3 It is restricted to add advertisements violating site rules.

4.4 It is restricted to provide the advertisement different from the object of the advertisement or placing the link to other webpage.

4.5 The user is obliged to act according the Georgian legislation and according the website rules.

4.6 If the user has claim towards the other user, he/she provide the claim directly to the user independently from the managing company. He/she frees the managing company (also any of its employers) from all type of demand including: reimbursement of damage, costs and other charges connected with the deal concluded with the help of the website.

4.7 The user can use the website without any guarantee and according the Georgian legislation.

4.8 The user takes all responsibility about the information placed on the website. Website provides the information to other users.

5.1 The user is obliged to indicate the real information, contact number, e-mail, gender, location and date of birth.

5.2 It is strictly restricted to indicate the other person’s data during the registration.

5.3 The username must be his/her active e-mail. The password may contain the letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9) and symbols.

5.4 It is strictly restricted to indicate the abusive phrase or word in the username.

5.5 If the amount is not used during 2 years from the last transfer the balance shall be cancelled.